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Welded in a Frozen Frame of Mind

Why is it

during those vast and endless rays

of hope

your absence is prevalent

as if you had never existed


and when the tides shift

and my emotions turn morose

and bitter

I can almost feel your presence



my cold and trembling body

as your hand caresses my

bloodstained shirt

and you whisper into my empty

and aching ear that indeed

you are ”here now”


yet at that moment I feel warmth

as if we would somehow

be welded together

in this position forever

until those cycling rays will have come to a hault

and from the darkness you will have disappeared



crimson tears will have not been shed

you were just a dream

my most beautiful

and almost tangible


one that I will hold onto

for safe keeping

with me



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Bullet Paced and Teary Faced

There she sits

in an empty lounge

of the dark ward

thick tears

hitting the ground

bullet paced


muffled sniffles

she keeps her hope hidden


so that sanity

appears to be in tact


oh serenity

where have you been

she questions fate

it’s been a while


calamity has been her only peer

illness was her weakness

she could never let go

from those thoughts of desire


and so she whispers

in her broken french

je t’aime mon amant presque

all is quiet

but nothing forgotten



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