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”breaking dawn” review

My review and some explanation of the storyline  will include the names of the characters and not the actors’ in order to better please the ”breaking dawn twihard” fans! this is not one of my poems thus i did not put in punctuation marks or capitlized letters though i still find it pleasent to read. enjoy and feel free to give me feedback on it!

  • one of the first scenes in the movie consists of Edward’s eyes being red. Now i know there is no such thing as ”unrealistic” when it comes to vampires but the director could have made it seem like he was a bit more ”normal” with his usual hazel eyes.
  • when bella is in her room and touches jacobs dream catcher and smiles, edward shows up right beside her and doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit jealous,wich i thought was odd considering that in every other movie..he acted like he was in fact intolerant to the feelings between jacob and bella.
  • the bedroom scene continues with jasper and emmet beckoning edward to the bachelor party. this part of the scene was well done as bella asked edward if there were going to be any ”strippers” at the event..
  • now the wedding scene was a bit short but oh so beautiful. i personally do not need a fancy and over the top wedding to be satisfied when that day comes (Gd willing) however, this would be any girl’s dream -wedding. the setting was full of white flowers and gorgeous vampires. the theme was white.
  • bellas appearance and display of nervousness fit perfectly when she was walking down the long isle to greet edward with a crooked smile.
  • when bella and edward exchanged vows the audience of guests  seemed to have disappeared and it was as if the  pair were indeed in a ”twilight zone” (no pun intended). i loved the fact that ”flightless bird” by ”american mouth” was playing in the background as that was the song that played in the first film when bella and edward danced to it in the prom scene. again the director created yet another romantic scene in this film.
  • when the vows were uttered the couple continued to have a long kiss that i thought was a bit inappropriate to share when there was a full audiance staring enviously at them.
  • at the reception i thought the ”toasts” where well-played out. edward’s was of course very heart-felt as he stated that they will start their journey of marriage with ”forever”. that was indeed the perfect way to describe their future as bella will become immortal and they both will live happily after for ”forever”.
  • now.. oddly enough when Edward tells bella that another one of her ”gifts” have arrived to the wedding and she saw that he had invited jacob her eyes lit up even more so than when she first looked at edward when he was standing at the end of the aisle by the vow scene.never the less jacob and bella continue to dance in an extremely charming way. he twirled her and smiled with sadness in his eyes as the love of his life is about to turn into a vampire and is now bound to edward for all eternity. this was the first scene where my eyes watered at the sight of bella and jacobs’ eyes refusing to meet eachother.
  • jacob then continues to be extremely angry at bella when she tells him that she and edward will be consummating their marriage as if they were a typical couple and that it was not dangerous.
  • at the end of the wedding when bella and edward were off to their long-awaited honeymoon..bruno mars’ music was featured in the film. for a pop song it surprising fit in well…the song that was playing happened to be my favorite for a while even before it was played in the movie.
  • the farewell scene between bella and her father was very emotional..i actually cried a little by the sight of this moment. father and daughter scenes in wedding scenes in my opinion are usually very sweet and semi sad as everything will have changed..daddy is no more protecting his daughter. he has given her over to her loyal husband.
  • i liked how jacobs howl was heard when bella and edward drove off to their honey moon destination. that just made me sad and sorry for jacob.
  • when the couple arrived to the holiday house on the island that carlisle generously purchased for them..they took one look at the king sized bed and smiled at each other in nervousness. i thought that was well portrayed and even made me nervous at the thought of the wedding night. when they do make love and the bed collapses the audiance in the theatre was laughing hysterically as the scene couldn’t get any more unrealistic than that. when the pair woke up from that long-awaited act they played chess which was great because the book cover of ”breaking dawn”has chess pieces on it..
  • when edward finds out that bella is pregnant after such a short amount of time..the audience found edward’s face humerous for he was in shock. edward knows that this is not a good situation for bella and the vampire baby and continues to say that carlise needs to get ”that thing’ out of her womb.
  • bella continues to grow weaker as she wants to keep the baby because she already has that mother-child bond. this makes edward extremely angry because bella is being selfish and decides to risk her life. the movie did a good job at making her look weak and thin. it was almost nauseating to look at her skeleton- like body. she looked like she was a senior citizen in the 2nd part of the film.
  • having read the books a couple of years ago i found it hard at first to understand why bella chose rosalie to protest for her decision to have the baby. i think anyone who hasn’t read the books would be lost in that comprehension. i then figured out that rosalie wanted a normal life before she was turned into a vampire. she was always envious of bella that she was human and was able to lead a regular life. if rosalie was still human she would have loved to bear a child. thus rosalie feels for bella.
  • i did not like how the special effects of the werewolves human- like communication came about. i thought it was extremely cheesy as the characters’ voices did not match the movement of their mouths. it was also confusing to know wich werewolf was wich.
  • when jacob decides to escape the clan..seth (a wolf part of the clan) decides to join him as well as lea (a woman werewolf)..i thought seth had a cute sidekick personality.
  • in the home hospice scene wich was well done ( for they had sophisticated hospital equipment) jacob comes up with a brilliant idea wich was merely meant as a ”snyde remark”. the cullen family figures out that bella needs to drink blood in order for both baby and mother to survive. this plan seems to work and bellas pulse rapidly continues to improve. i thought it was cute how edward trys to make the drink look presentable when he puts the blood in a cup with a straw. this shows what a dedicated husband he is.
  • when jacob comes up with the plan of leading the werewolf clan off the cullen territory the director did a horrible job of explaining what the scheme was. for anyone who hasn’t read or forgot the storyline of the book..they most probably were confused.
  • the audiance gasped at the sound of bellas body cracking when she was about to have the baby.
  • i think the whole birthing scene was extremely dramatic. i even found it hard to comprehend why there was a confused child around 2 years old sitting with her parents at this intense scene. i think it is a movie too mature for that age group to be able to watch.
  • jacob did extremely well acting when he thought that bella was dead. he sobbed uncontrollably on the steps of the cullens home.
  • i thought the fighting scene with the werewolves and vampire was captivating. the special effects make it look ”realistic”.
  • when jacob is inside the cullens house he begins to imprint on renesme (bellas baby) while bella is still assumed dead. the imprinitng scene was amazing. it showed how renesme will look in years to come. she is gorgeous of course and jacob is already in love.
  • edward is still with bella trying to revive her with his venom when she shockingly becomes ”alive” again though she is now a vampire. it was cool to see the venom mixing with the blood in her veins. i thought that was well done and interesting to watch.
  • after the treaty is void because of the fact that jacob imprinted on renesme the werewolves leave jacob and the cullens alone.
  • the main characters are surrounding bella while she is laying peacefully with her eyes shut. they are waiting for the transformation to fully take effect. bellas hair begins to change into a lighter color and her face becomes full again and continues to grow pale.
  • she then opens her eyes wide and they are blood-red. the movie ends there and leaves viewers in anticipation of the last film.

overall the movie was definatly different from all the other previous twilight films. ive watched ”breaking dawn” twice and still think i should view it a couple more times in order to have a full opinion on it.


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