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”Ora”- a bit of kaballah :) in connection with dverse poetry prompt this week



where do I belong?

on this Earth of water and land

this universe of pain

and various emotions


Ora is so much more appealing

to my kind

to the lost souls

of Earth


here lies physicality

G-d isĀ  concealed in stone

evil is disguised in so called kindness

and then there is selfish love


in Ora the concept of modesty has no need

for existing

a body doesn’t mask me

I just am…


the sun does not set there

or rise

a galaxy of stars provide light

there is no darkness


Death is unheard of

there is infinite life on Ora

the planet of virtue

and peace


war is silent there in that atmosphere

Ora is under rule of one King

He has not failed me once

his actions rests in my trust


Earth is quite a distance away

from my safe haven of true beauty

my paradise

which is far away concealed in a ray of colors


“is it worth it”?

I ask Earthlings

should i stay and restore order here

to help bring out the essence of Him?


they say “yes”

I am needed

with a simple word uttered

I have the power to draw light out from the adamant


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