“Sweet Sacrifice”- dedicated to one of the best bunnies that I’ve encountered “Bowtie” RIP

Her delicate hand is inflicted
With a malicious curse
One that draws lives empty
Of those closest to her heart

One dainty touch
One innocent and naive
Longs for her  feminine

Unable to take pleasure
In life’s most joyous events
She removes herself from society
Locking all those emotions
Away from ones
She holds dear to her

One moment passed
One thought of regret
Her heart beats fast
She stares down at those
G-d forsaken ten boney
Vessels of death

She’s ready
The palpitations are too much to bare
She lifts her now shaking hand
Places it on her throbbing chest
She concentrates on the words
“He said not to touch the forbidden fruit”
Her body collapses
On to the old and rusty wooden floor
The one where the start of this tragedy
Commenced, began, struck
And now Ended.


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An Ocean of Dull Encounters

Its sailing away from me
drifting into the sea of life
where fish and mermaids
ponder their fate
and as the ravenous sharks
swim to seek them out

what once was thought to
be belonged to me
now is untangled
from the many ropes
that gripped onto
its stubborn build

it never wished to be here
in the place where strange love
is prevalent
no more will the ship
encounter such a fate
it leaves off on to its journey
where it wishes to experience
a more stimulating adventure

will it ever return
to the shore in where I reside?
I most certainly hope not
for whatever care I put into it
was disregarded
almost as if my efforts
were invisible

so long Voyager
best wishes for a smooth journey
to where dull encounters are in your favor


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”Unsealed with a Rightious Kiss”-inspired by last night’s dream

I’m thinking of a kiss

an unattainable one

your lips meet mine

through waves of energy

oh, how I wish

for even that one peck

pressed against my blushing cheek

I could have had it all

all I wanted was you though

to have

and to hold

from that day forward

I dreamed of you last night

you cried my name

I awoke with tears

flowing down

my pale face

I know why we parted

you pulled the trigger

to my fantasy life

the world that sets mine apart

from normalcy

we certainly cannot be

living together

in harmony

for what dwells beneath my surface

is a stormy soul

one that feeds off of the chase

where you failed to catch me

in my last regression

my warm lips remain untouched

they were waiting for yours

to meet them for the first time

yes, my pure kiss can exist

but you?

only in theory


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“A Tragic Reality”

I’m stumbling across a path of green

I’m becoming entranced

 light is glistening from the hidden sky

that is seen through the cracks between

the many branches

of the Sycamore tree

slowly I start skipping barefooted

my hair is slowly becoming unraveled

from the tight bun Nana has roped

my loose golden curls in

a man is whistling in the distance

I’m becoming attracted to his melody

I must find his cry

the one that is drawing me closer

to his hidden presence

I soon discover a wooden bench

it is empty of human warmth

it looks lonely

eagerly waiting for someone

to make use of its adamant self

I decide to sit down

and wallow in my frustration

beautiful stranger

where art though?

”fair maiden”

behold a centaur takes the form

of the penetrating voice

that I so longed to hear

since the moment the reverberation

entered my empty ears

                                                                   I become intrigued

the creature cannot comprehend

how such a tragic reality

is only seen as fantasy in my eyes


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“6 Feet Down Under”

Even when you are

6 feet down under

I will find you there

staring at my skeletal frame

and into my hallow sockets

You will ask me

”why did it take you this long?”

I will ask you

”Is this really where we belong?”

up in heaven will be our place

where you and I will embrace

our immortality and new race

and all the questions we will have to face

and there we will be

rejoicing with our ancestry

realizing that our bodies are like new

and all I will want to do

is just gaze at you


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Her Unhappily Ever After

Once upon a time

A curse struck Aurora

only eternal beauty was in her favor

lips that mirrored the red rose

and eyes that were as striking as the lightning

that was to soon follow

the pending storm


she was an anonymous royal

living as a peasant in the village

of admirers

who envied her grace

and nativity


she longed for the prince

of her dreams

where he would sweep her into a waltz

and proceed to dance until dawn

and that was when she awoke


it was the year that the curse

was to be taken into effect

she pricked herself

causing blood as crimson as her lips

to flow from her delicate fingertip


her face now robbed of color

only to be placed with expressions

of innocence

bliss and ignorance

for she fell into a deep slumber


her soul became trapped in a dark world

where a deal with the devil was made

to awake with a minimal kiss

that was to reverse the curse


she is now in a catatonic state

prince charming is by her side

to read her cryptic mind

though she is still beautiful

she is hollow

this was her unhappily ever after



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Tattooed With Bravery

Stranded in chaos

the ship of the air


the morbid ambiance surrounds Fox

blue glaciers are her scenery


frozen in temperature and in time

she is trapped in the middle of sunken ice

as a heroine it is her duty to combat

all the surrounding evil in Crass


her hands strong

her violet lips pursed together

she looks at the demons’

eyes of malice


she doesn’t comprehend all of this

she looks down in dismay

her wrists are tattooed with bravery

she has come to find meaning


complacency is out of the question

in this vulgar world

where love is absent

and only beasts are prevalent


she pulls out her enormous sword

from the now empty sheath

slicing evil and misery

one by one

she feels fearless


and vindicated

once and for allImage


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dverse poetry prompt- description


the rush from the bristles gliding

across her naked face

she longs to be beautiful

her scarred heart skips a beat

she realizes she has missed a patch


her bottle

empty of stain

her lips ache to be flamboyant

her eyes speak to her with words of



she stares down at the sink

gazes at that black small hole

her mind tells her that is where she is headed

heaven she is most certainly not fit for

with a face like hers

she will surely drown in the depths of hell


she looks back up at the condescending mirror

focuses on her empty eyes

she realizes ”what” she is

an accessible body

sold for green paper

that will buy her

next week’s powder….

the white kind.

I got emotionally attached to this mystery girl that i spend time creating..poetry prompt was to describe someone you see working at their jobs or w/e…initially i was going to observe a makeup artist in my mind but my subconscious got the better of me (as always) and decided after seeing last nights events it needed to come out somehow..sad when people only have a body to work with and literally live off of it…hope this wasnt too disturbing..


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a flickering light






echoing in my thoughts

for they weren’t uttered

only written

tattooed on my bleeding heart


red liquid emanates from my veins

I’m drifting in and out of reality

trying to escape

the world I created for myself

a fantasy life

that can never exist in my love’s heart


an ounce of feelings

an ounce of hope

lost in short breaths

the hushed sound

of my life

escaping from my soul


I’m fading into this nightmare

a challenge I was

that is all

an easy conquest


sensitivity is my curse

love is my downfall

in and out

dark and dim

flickering is the light

God knows when I will shine again


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“If Pens Ever Spoke”- I think i beat my record on this one- less than five min to write

My heart

so passionate

now left bare

of wanting

and desire

I no longer care


running into the stream

of lost hope and pain

my energy fading

I must not go insane


my words deep in my throat

can only come out

if pens ever spoke

sigh, I guess I’ll choke


well then I can only dream

of a life of simplicity

where hormones and attraction

are not such toxicity


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