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”You and I”

It has been a while

Since you and I

I the emotional

AndĀ  you, the vessel to my feelings

A talent?

Perhaps a hobby?

Whatever the relief is labeled as

I think of it as escapism

You and I

I the creative

And you the masterpiece

The finished product of my madness

You inhale life

I exhale my depth into words

That penetrates whatever you are

Into your demonic force that I am drawn to

I crave you

The tips of my fingers are aching

For that familiar sensation

The one that I have been experiencing for years

You are the blank sheet

Of unwritten words

The innocent turned scarred

Because of my never endingĀ  and obscure ideas

This poem was written after about a month of not writing anything. I missed writing dearly thus I dedicated a my love for writing!

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Posted by on November 22, 2011 in writing