A Glimpse of Me

Thank you for taking interest in my blog 🙂 Allow me to introduce myself. I currently am called by 7 different names so bare with me; Hi 🙂 My names are: Chani, Annie, Anna, Hannah, Chanzi, Connie, and “Ch”ana (the mispronunciation of my Hebrew birthname which happens to be my legal name as well). Well, to most colleagues,patients and fellow bloggers my name is ”Annie”- simple, sweet and not far off from the name I was called since entering this incredible and mysterious world. Anywayz, A bit about how I came to writing. When I was about 5 I had already taken a special liking to words. My grandfather and I still laugh about how I would give him mock spelling exams on my weekly Sunday visit. You see, he has a thick Polish accent and so whenever he would mispronounce the “Th”in words such as “Thursday” I would so authoritatively demand him to repeat after me; ”say it with me it’s ”Thursday” not “Tursday”- to little ole’ Annie this was a critical error on his end. After I would grade his spelling test-looking it over under the living room lamp he would ask me ”so? how did I do, did I get them right?” I would answer with my bold remark ”how should I know?” Yes, I knew how to proctor spelling tests at that age (or so I thought) but wasn’t old enough to actually spell! Well, my love for words increased as the years went by. My grandmother bought me a set of pencils encased in a beautiful wooden box with my name on it (Hannuka Prez) and though I might not have appreciated them then I certainly appreciate any tool that allows me to express myself with words now (thanks grandma if you’re reading this up there :)). I did keep diaries during my teens as well as scored in the 90th percentile bracket on a national standardized given test in the reading comprehension/ writing portion of the exam-during my preteen years (I still remember my mom being ecstatic from that and mentioning something about her wanting me to skip a grade, I still posses the score card 🙂 Of course it was only natural for me to become one of the Jr High yearbook editors senior year.  During high school I remember that my love for words took a spin towards an edgy vibe. My then English teacher gave over an assignment- writing to the President regarding Israeli politics. Well, I did write a letter and boy did my teacher refuse to send it until I had it revamped/revised  so as not to evoke such ”harsh” wording. After all, he WAS  the President, and he would sincerely care about what some sophomore sitting in a private religious girls school had to say right? Anywayz, being my stubborn self I refused to listen to her and told her I would send the letter on my own- without the class’s bundle of teacher-edited letters. And so weeks later when she inquired about anyone receiving response letters from The White House – 3 girls out of a class of 25 raised their hands- me being one of them. Gd Bless America- my mom made ten copies (legit and still keeps them in her Chani file). After senior year- of course I volunteered to update my ‘ole boarding school’s blog and from there I’ve just only gotten more captivated and intrigued by words. When your college English professor ( who happens to remind you of the amazing Oprah Winfrey) asks to keep an essay you’ve written, you know its time to get serious about writing. When she told me she read that essay over to her highly educated son,for once in my life there were no words  running through my mind that could’ve adequately reflected just how shocked or joyous I was feeling. She was a catalyst for the completion of my book project. Thank you Professor Christian if you happen to one day come across my blog~ your ”Jewish Princess” :). Words are indeed powerful. One slip of the tongue- one change of a letter can indeed implicate or enhance someone’s fate. And so currently I continue to strive to live by these two profound proverbs ”choose your words wisely” and always, always, always ”guard your tongue”. With that being said- I hope ya’ll enjoy my babies, my creations, my fun outlet 🙂


4 responses to “A Glimpse of Me

  1. Vijay Vaghela

    May 14, 2014 at 8:23 am

    The world of fantasy has unending treasures….whereas in real life…all is received with some or the other measure (in limited quantity)……great blog with excellent creations you have here dear friend.

    • chanzibrenner

      May 14, 2014 at 8:24 am

      thank you :)) indeed ”limited”- hard for someone like myself who refuses to settle :/

  2. Elie

    September 1, 2015 at 12:19 am

    Although i only read ur 1st poem so far, i feel it’s very impressive. It invokes many provocative feelings and images. I’m looking forward to reading more. Keep Writing more.



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