What’s in a Name

25 Aug

Whats in a name they ask

Alone sitting in a quiet cozy spot

Cuddled up Nsync with

The guy who parked in the Backstreet

We watched flicks and I dissed chicks 

That appeared on screen

What gave it away?

A phone without a case

Just a girl

Longing for an embrace

She grew up in poverty

Her whole life trying to gain sovereignty 

A semblance of cleanliness

A scent can mask this

She feels dirty and rugged

A whole life filled with luggage 

And when he asked her

As he gestured to the long broomstick like decor

“whats that’’

She clapped back, “its not a cat”.

It’s a ‘’cinnamon stick’’

It filtered the room

From her doom and gloom

It electrified and mystified the air

In an old apartment where it was hard to stare

‘’Cinnamon Stick’’. He searched.

Term unfounded

She laughed because she knew 

Whats in a name

A name that was not yet grounded 

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