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Bang Bang Bang and a Shot Gun Goodbye


She’s Sue Storm

the once seemingly downtrodden

the once deemed “damsel in distress”

daring to probe and provoke

questions to chip-engulfed

blinded folk


Her music and madness

headphones and script are her finest form of weaponry

her Artillery

her saving Grace


Bang Bang Bang

shot gun goodbyes

and brief cradle holds

prison locked and shell shocked

oh, but she’s equipped


she prefers to dwell in her own Universe

her own ideal capsulated world of peace and tranquility

because electro-brushed selfies

images of vanity,falsity

and alter personas of imagination and delusion

whilst witnessing a Touch of disturbing illicit frolics,

was and is not much of a thrill

Makeup and making out

was and never will be her imperative pursuits

music induces her deft pattern recognition

the predictability of

walking corpses


Sue Storm


yet insidious.

hidden yet very much aware

of What is really causing the blows,

the lows

the manipulative tactics of vultures lingering in the deep forests

possessing watchful eyes,

anticipating her next not-ever-existent fall


She’s nobody’s fool

she keeps her cool


She’s Sue Storm

with a Bam Bam Bam

and her pocket full of Shazam.

*inspired by the character ”Sue Storm” in Marvel’s “Fantastic Four”- I found a part of me that can relate to her. “Shazam” is a music app for those of you lovelies who are unfamiliar with the reference :)) don’t ya’ll just weep during shot gun goodbyes ; (?! ¬†whether exiting a mustang or beat up Buick -they always sad!!


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