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Shapeshifting and Coke Sipping

Shapeshifting and Coke Sipping

Am I invisible?
Or is it merely Me,
overdosing on coke sipping,
because alcohol is
just a cheap escape?

I paid for my order 15 minutes ago,
though it feels like hours
as I am supporting myself
on one worn out foot,
one drained soul.
The other
wrapped in a cast
disguised as an invisibility cloak.

She looks up at me,
her innocent gaze.
I’m unrecognizable
a Poltergeist perhaps,
or a forgettable face?

In this moment,
I am Shapeshifting
into a frustrated
and ravenous being
who is merely inquiring about
my disregarded request.

I am unrecognizable.
And so I hand her my receipt,
proof of my existence.
Evidence of my physicality.

I’m a shapeshifter,
attention seeker.
camouflaged into
the zombie apocalypse
of today’s tedious





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