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“Gwen Stacy”- Inspired by her intriguing character in the comics of Marvel’s Spiderman.

She’s the dead Gwen Stacy.

Just as her youthful self always whispered to her

of her future.

Apprehension stemmed

from her heart’s vast knowledge,

insight to which her congested mind 

couldn’t comprehend.


And so she was hesitant,


and was hopelessly in love

with the vision of romance

that she so felt undeserving of.


She clung to that frail piece of Rope

the one that failed to save her.

You see, she never needed salvation.

She merely possessed a longing to be loved 

by the one she was infatuated with.

Her personal symbol of security


The Rope snapped

and so did she.

Her body in the literal sense

And her soul in theory.


She may be a perished Gwen Stacy.

But that is not all she is.

For now her depth is as deep as the 

kind green eyes she once upon a time

reluctantly fell into.

Over a delerious decade ago.





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