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He Who Sheds Light

she asks me why my lips are in motion

yet no sound is heard

I told her it’s just a notion

that what she hears

or lack there of

and what He listens to are

of identical reverberations


that the walls I built

and that the walls she sees

are for only Him to glide over

while she must dig

to find answers to questions

queries of age old

misconceptions that

I was never that innocent


and while I stood there

feet width apart

caressing those tear stained pages

the ones that our ancestors shed

crimson salty droplets on

I realized it was and never will be in vain


these thoughts that consume me

are of nothing but Him in that moment

when everything is faded

and then His presences is the only

sensation that I experience


she may still be digging

wondering if I still zone in

or if my outward appearance

and actions

mirror anything of what

my soul’s desire of connection



And then I realize

I’m okay

I’m alright

bless be He

who sheds light

during the darkest of nightImage


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