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“Sweet Sacrifice”- dedicated to one of the best bunnies that I’ve encountered “Bowtie” RIP

Her delicate hand is inflicted
With a malicious curse
One that draws lives empty
Of those closest to her heart

One dainty touch
One innocent and naive
Longs for her  feminine

Unable to take pleasure
In life’s most joyous events
She removes herself from society
Locking all those emotions
Away from ones
She holds dear to her

One moment passed
One thought of regret
Her heart beats fast
She stares down at those
G-d forsaken ten boney
Vessels of death

She’s ready
The palpitations are too much to bare
She lifts her now shaking hand
Places it on her throbbing chest
She concentrates on the words
“He said not to touch the forbidden fruit”
Her body collapses
On to the old and rusty wooden floor
The one where the start of this tragedy
Commenced, began, struck
And now Ended.


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