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An Ocean of Dull Encounters

Its sailing away from me
drifting into the sea of life
where fish and mermaids
ponder their fate
and as the ravenous sharks
swim to seek them out

what once was thought to
be belonged to me
now is untangled
from the many ropes
that gripped onto
its stubborn build

it never wished to be here
in the place where strange love
is prevalent
no more will the ship
encounter such a fate
it leaves off on to its journey
where it wishes to experience
a more stimulating adventure

will it ever return
to the shore in where I reside?
I most certainly hope not
for whatever care I put into it
was disregarded
almost as if my efforts
were invisible

so long Voyager
best wishes for a smooth journey
to where dull encounters are in your favor


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”Unsealed with a Rightious Kiss”-inspired by last night’s dream

I’m thinking of a kiss

an unattainable one

your lips meet mine

through waves of energy

oh, how I wish

for even that one peck

pressed against my blushing cheek

I could have had it all

all I wanted was you though

to have

and to hold

from that day forward

I dreamed of you last night

you cried my name

I awoke with tears

flowing down

my pale face

I know why we parted

you pulled the trigger

to my fantasy life

the world that sets mine apart

from normalcy

we certainly cannot be

living together

in harmony

for what dwells beneath my surface

is a stormy soul

one that feeds off of the chase

where you failed to catch me

in my last regression

my warm lips remain untouched

they were waiting for yours

to meet them for the first time

yes, my pure kiss can exist

but you?

only in theory


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