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dverse poetry prompt- description


the rush from the bristles gliding

across her naked face

she longs to be beautiful

her scarred heart skips a beat

she realizes she has missed a patch


her bottle

empty of stain

her lips ache to be flamboyant

her eyes speak to her with words of



she stares down at the sink

gazes at that black small hole

her mind tells her that is where she is headed

heaven she is most certainly not fit for

with a face like hers

she will surely drown in the depths of hell


she looks back up at the condescending mirror

focuses on her empty eyes

she realizes ”what” she is

an accessible body

sold for green paper

that will buy her

next week’s powder….

the white kind.

I got emotionally attached to this mystery girl that i spend time creating..poetry prompt was to describe someone you see working at their jobs or w/e…initially i was going to observe a makeup artist in my mind but my subconscious got the better of me (as always) and decided after seeing last nights events it needed to come out somehow..sad when people only have a body to work with and literally live off of it…hope this wasnt too disturbing..


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a flickering light






echoing in my thoughts

for they weren’t uttered

only written

tattooed on my bleeding heart


red liquid emanates from my veins

I’m drifting in and out of reality

trying to escape

the world I created for myself

a fantasy life

that can never exist in my love’s heart


an ounce of feelings

an ounce of hope

lost in short breaths

the hushed sound

of my life

escaping from my soul


I’m fading into this nightmare

a challenge I was

that is all

an easy conquest


sensitivity is my curse

love is my downfall

in and out

dark and dim

flickering is the light

God knows when I will shine again


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“If Pens Ever Spoke”- I think i beat my record on this one- less than five min to write

My heart

so passionate

now left bare

of wanting

and desire

I no longer care


running into the stream

of lost hope and pain

my energy fading

I must not go insane


my words deep in my throat

can only come out

if pens ever spoke

sigh, I guess I’ll choke


well then I can only dream

of a life of simplicity

where hormones and attraction

are not such toxicity


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Trotting into the White

I would like to be a valuable queen

not a limited pawn

moving inch by inch

across the board of life


black for the tears

white for the many

years and years to come

my knight will be in the back row

awaiting my graceful trots


checkmate is my dream

checkmate is my future

to knock down the king

is only to supply the suture



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