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”Ever After”-dedicated to tragic events in israel

a Jewish child is born today

his ecstatic family surrounds him

love blooms from all four corners of the room

despite all this the baby is crying a heartfelt and piercing cry


some say the world shocks the infant

or maybe he is simply famished

a frightening nightmare inside the whom perhaps

is he already longing for attention?


i like to broaden my mind a bit

see it from another perspective

a more gruesome

yet fairytale like angle


you see there is mass of hungry beasts out there

just waiting to rip apart the innocent  flesh of a Jew

they live off our blood

they long for our termination


does their hatred stem from jealousy?

or are they envious of

our morals?

our depth?


i see a baby of Israel crying

and then i see a land of tears

tears so thick of grief

too impenetrable for the blade of the enemy

to slice through its salty core


can this little Israelite possibly know

what is yet to come for his people?

when the infants pitch is to much to bear

it is then handed over to its nurturing mother

she hushes the baby


the child bearer speaks to him in his own dialect

soothing words calm the new joy in her life

he doses of into a deep slumber

he forgets about the dark future ahead

about the madness of what is yet to come


the baby forgets

but the mother remembers her child’s lament

perhaps it is for that reason

that the final redemption of our people

will be in the merit of the righteous women of Israel


because we remember



and pray

for all Semites.


the hush will come

we just have to wake up in order to live the dream

of a life without the masochistic enemy

a life with only Him


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