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dverse poetry prompt :”out the scetchbook”

Oh what a fragile adolescent I was

As I look back and reminisce

At once was and what could have been

I start to regress and sob

You were always there for me

The vessel to my tears

My secret knight

A man older in wisdom

And age

One day I cracked

My weakness was what broke us



I wasn’t able to handle the depth

Of us

The adult verses

The youngster

I watch you from afar

As I did the first time our eyes met

Only now you are drifting away

Into your grey future


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A Conservative Goth

An illusion am I not?

An exterior of complacency


And conservativeness


Two sided coins

Flip them and dumbfounded you will be

Saints on the outside

Sinners faced down


Righteous in appearance

Yet secretly takes pleasure in his harlot

He helps the less fortunate with their struggles

While smiling on the inside at what awaits him

At the corner inn


Words of prayer uttered by her dry lips

Out of love for Him they most certainly are not

Good deeds she partakes in everyday

Yet inside secretly plans to meet with

Her forbidden lover


A façade am I not?

An interior of discontent

Knowledge as vast as the sandy deserts

And as Gothic as any punk on Melrose Ave.

This poem was written out of pure discontent at what I observe of some people’s behavior and their lack of honesty.

*Melrose Avenue is a strip in L.A. that is known for Gothic/Emo/punk kinda brushed off on me…


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A Questionable Appearance

A Questionable Appearance         


What is it about fame

the never ending need to be heard

or seen

to be examined under a thick lens


I envy the humble

for they make little sound

they have no requisite for a salute

or even a slight compliment


as for myself

I feel as though my life is being reported

the angels in Heaven are taking heed to my every breath

they direct  my tale of woe to the Creator


my deceased ancestors are gazing down at me

my life is a fascinating performance in their eyes

they converse with the celestial beings regarding my destiny

they stare in excitement and anticipation of my upcoming decisions


as to the strangers who walk beside me everyday

i am simply a brush of the shoulder

an equal

unfamiliar flesh and blood


I have the best of both worlds

in the literal sense

for on Earth I can be inconspicuous

while somewhere in His kingdom

I am in fact famous


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Time Standing Still

Time Standing Still

Slow in appearance

Yet deep Thinkers

The cause for time

Standing still


Sharp minds

hasten the grandfather clock

The sounds of the hands

Provokes more ideas


Unlike acumen minds

These beings are locked in hours

As They stare  into space

Freezing mille seconds


Gratitude is owed

To the flawed cognitions

the minority

the outcasts of this universe


The world depends on thoughts

Substance in the hourglass

Is bound by gravity

Precious moments seeping through

At a conditional pace


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vampire and werewolf

vampire and werewolf

After seeing Twilight’s ”breaking dawn” in theatres for the 3rd time last night..i had an urge to post this.. my ”taylor laugtner” look a like cousin and I shopping for thanksgiving 🙂

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”Ora”- a bit of kaballah :) in connection with dverse poetry prompt this week



where do I belong?

on this Earth of water and land

this universe of pain

and various emotions


Ora is so much more appealing

to my kind

to the lost souls

of Earth


here lies physicality

G-d is  concealed in stone

evil is disguised in so called kindness

and then there is selfish love


in Ora the concept of modesty has no need

for existing

a body doesn’t mask me

I just am…


the sun does not set there

or rise

a galaxy of stars provide light

there is no darkness


Death is unheard of

there is infinite life on Ora

the planet of virtue

and peace


war is silent there in that atmosphere

Ora is under rule of one King

He has not failed me once

his actions rests in my trust


Earth is quite a distance away

from my safe haven of true beauty

my paradise

which is far away concealed in a ray of colors


“is it worth it”?

I ask Earthlings

should i stay and restore order here

to help bring out the essence of Him?


they say “yes”

I am needed

with a simple word uttered

I have the power to draw light out from the adamant


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